Pachinko Man

Press Kit


Pachinko Man is a surreal and hilarious web-based point-and-click adventure game. You play as a humble Japanese gambling addict, who is one day transformed into a Pachinko ball, banished to the nether-workplace Ball Hell, and forced to toil for its leader, the demon king Baal. With the aid of their wits, miscellaneous office supplies, and Baal's unfailingly useless advice, players must brave the fiendish puzzles of this patently ridiculous underworld, and find for a way to escape!

While Pachinko Man harkens back to the wit and charm of classic point-and-click titles, it was also designed with the belief that players should never feel frustrated or stuck. Nearly anything you try will be rewarded, whether it be with a hint, a hidden line of dialogue, or, more than likely, a cranky retort from your devilish employer.


Team Punch the Moon is a network of creative friends who are incredibly excited about making games. We all bring something unique to the table - each of us has a different background in arenas like programming, illustration, cartooning, game design, music, writing, and so on.

In 2012 we pooled our talents to create a game for SA Gamedev Competition VII, turning out a short demo in only a month's time that wound up being an early version of Pachinko Man. We ranked in at 2nd Place out of over 100 teams, and scored a nod for Best Writing. Motivated by the repsonse and by our love for the blossoming game, we continued to pour blood, sweat, and tears into the project whenever we got the chance.

Two years later, Pachinko Man was reborn as a finished, fully-featured game. We're still looking into releasing the game commercially on iOS/Android platforms, but in the meantime we're releasing it online for free, with the hopes of introducing the work to as many people as we possibly can!


  • Delivers all the fun of a classic adventure game to tell a story you've never seen before
  • Puzzles that emphasize fun and creative thinking
  • Explore a fleshed-out, patently ridiculous world full of memorable characters
  • Beautiful surrealist pixel art inspired by German expressionism
  • Awesome, eclectic soundtrack
  • Multiple endings!
  • Complete the game to unlock Cage Match Mode, which replaces Pachinko Man's dialogue and likeness with that of a noted actor/pachinko spokesman